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Unfortunately, a while back, hoodies got a bad reputation as being worn by would-be robbers and thugs. Today, their image is transforming. There are definite ways to "hug a hoodie", especially if you're into streetwear. On some of today’s most well-dressed men and women, hoodies are making a definite impact in the fashion world.

However, before we show you five stylish ways to wear hoodies, here's a bit of history.

The hoodie was the chosen "uniform" of champions long before it appeared in darkened alleyways. Around the 1930s, the world's first hoodie was created by none other than Champion Products from a plain gray sweatshirt. In case you are unfamiliar, they created, and still manufacture, sportswear. In miserable weather, this jacket was created to keep athletes dry and warm. Since its inception, it has been adopted by students, rebellious young adults, snowboarders, skaters, hip-hop stars, and more.

Born out of practicality, the hoodie offers comfort, comfort, and more comfort. With fashion at the peak of athleisure, upscale sportswear has been broached by this style staple. The nearly century-old must-have accessory has now been claimed by numerous brand names, designers, and manufacturers.

Without further ado, let's get to the ways to wear a hoodie.

Wearing a Hoodie with Tailored Trousers

Mix casual and smart with this marginally less committed style. With a pair of smart trousers, wear your hoodie. You'll look less like an overgrown adolescent, and more like a mature adult. Consider adding sports luxe sneakers and a longer coat over the top.

Pair Your Hoodie with Tailoring

You’re channeling a "look" when you wear your hoodie with a blazer or suit. It simply works when you pair sneakers, straight leg jeans, and a hoodie. To truly tear apart the traditional rulebook, under an unstructured suit, try donning your hoodie.

Outfit suggestion: White, lace-up sneakers, a charcoal gray suit, and a midweight gray hoodie (since you’re going for a smarter look, cut back on the bagginess of this hoodie).

With Your Leather Jacket

If you prefer familiar territory, a hoodie and leather jacket combination is, season after season, a low octane pairing that works wonders. In various situations, you can get away with this well-made, well-fitting design. It works as a stylish, off-duty look or on your way to the gym.

Outfit suggestion: Smarten up your look with a pair of suede Chelsea boots and combine them with different colored hoodies beneath your outerwear.


Surely, you knew this would be included! Wherever coolness and comfort go hand-in-hand, you can be enthusiastic about this look. As opposed to the oversized, baggy, logo emblazoned hoodies of yesterday, today's fabrics are heavier and softer – a sign of higher quality. Think a much cleaner and sharper fit.

Outfit suggestion: Combine a black hoodie with a pair of minimal leather sneakers and fitted joggers.

The Layered Look

Particularly where streetwear is concerned years, the more layers, the better. With that said, the hoodie offers an extra layer, which is always good, yet is still unassuming. For a day in the city, a great layering piece is the cozy cashmere hoodie. While still keeping you warm, it leaves you looking sharp!

Outfit suggestion: Over a white crewneck T-shirt, wear a zip-up hoodie. Then, add slim jeans, a jacket or overcoat, and a pair of brand-new trainers.

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May 06, 2021 — Matt Kwon