A Quick Guide To Streetwear Fashion

Have you ever wondered how something that is ingrained in the identify of rappers and skaters – “streetwear” – became one of the fashion world's most influential movements? Do you also wonder on how you, in your own unique style, can incorporate it into your daily looks? Here, we'll examine streetwear fashion and some tips for styling.

Streetwear Style Characteristics

Though a vast array of fashion styles is encompassed by streetwear, four basic elements tend to attract the most focus. They are as follows:

  • Contemporary Art – Some of the most successful streetwear logos and graphic tees follow two lines of thinking, and both are “borrowed”:
  1. Poke fun at classic pieces
  2. Contemporary artists’ works
  • Styles in menswear – Though all genders gladly partake in the popularity of streetwear, traditionally, it is closely tied to menswear. This includes workwear, bomber jackets, and other masculine items.
  • Scarcity – Limited edition items and hypebeast culture go together like peanut butter and jelly. It is even more fashionable to wear an item that is considered much sought after, even if its scarcity is nothing more than perceived. Think a more accessible type of haute couture.
  • Comfort – This is huge! Joggers, sweatshirts, etc. – anything considered as athleisure or casual clothing – fits into the streetwear style. There are no two ways about it. Look at it this way: it's probably not streetwear if you can't skate in it.

Now it's time for some styling tips.

Streetwear Styling

The buying and selling of limited-edition items are a big part of streetwear. That's not always a possibility, however, for everyone. So, into your look, you can still incorporate streetwear fashion by doing the following:

  • Proportion play – Do you know what one of the biggest fashion wins for streetwear was? It brought, into the realm of high-fashion, hoodie sweatshirts. The following types of tops are worn by streetwear aficionados: Oversized sweatshirts, baggie denim, and other garments considered loose fitting. For a fashionable effect, streetwear basically breaks all the rules of proportion.
  • Single Logo – One crucial aspect of the streetwear culture is brand loyalty. It's rare to see, in a single look, different streetwear brands layered by a true fan of the fashion. Focus on one logo at a time if you are limited in your number of different streetwear label items. With athletic clothing and workwear, you can supplement the rest of your look.
  • Sneakers are a must-have – Possibly the most expensive, but definitely the most important aspect of a hypebeast’s look is their sneakers. Sneakers are a focal point if, with a single piece of clothing, you wish to make a huge style impact.

Note: Most important here is to just be yourself! A DIY, counterculture look is the very origin of streetwear. You may even find yourself ahead of the curve if you put together some type of unexpected combinations.

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March 05, 2021 — Matt Kwon