Female legs in sneakers and black sports pants

From Taipei to Cape Town to San Diego, one international fashion statement that cannot be denied is joggers. This comfortable fashion apparel is enjoyed by scads of people. From snazzy street clothes to relaxed home clothing, dynamic sweatpants, or joggers, are en vogue. One of the best pieces of news here is, when it comes to ways to wear joggers, almost anything goes.

However, just to make sure you're rocking those joggers and in no danger of a fashion faux pas, let's take a look at various styles in which the perfect pair of joggers can be worn.

A Match Made in Heaven – Sneakers and Joggers

One would think this matchup goes without saying – yet here we are. In the past few years, where men's fashion is concerned, joggers have blown the lid off the industry. What's up with that? Here's the thing… sneakers are a huge part of fashion where streetwear is concerned. To show off that fresh pair of kicks, what better way than with the style and taper of joggers?

Joggers and T-Shirts

When you think of ultimate casual comfort, sweatpants come to mind. For a casual, laid-back feel, the first tip regarding how to wear them can consist of few things other than… a T-shirt. Joggers are one of the fastest and easiest pieces of clothing to throw on, whether you’re headed to a late lunch with a friend or to the gym.

Pair your loose-fitting, brightly colored track pants with a slim fit, solid-colored T-shirt. Prefer neutrals? Wear a T-shirt and black joggers in a similar or matched tone.

Best-Dressed Men Wearing Joggers?

You may think of joggers as something slightly less than "best-dressed". Truth be told, however, they can be dressier than casual wear. A "smart-casual" if you would. Here's the secret: You have to pay attention to your clothing tags. You can nail the smart-casual look with a pair of sweatpants that aren’t too tight or too baggy and a 100% cotton, high-quality T-shirt.

Okay, you're not going to walk into work wearing this; it's not that well-dressed. But where exceedingly casual looks go, it's at least better than that.

Joggers and Button Up Shirts

What? Yes, it's true. You can appear a little dressier with a collared, button up shirt and joggers. Where the shirt is concerned, we are referring less to something you'd wear lounging around the house but, more likely, to the office or out to dinner.

For a casual look, wear your shirt open in the front, half buttoned, unbuttoned, or with a three-quarter sleeve rollup.

A bolder feel will be created by patterned shirts. With a neutral colored or bright pair of joggers, a fresh look can be exhibited this way, particularly during summer. Top everything off with a color coordinating cap.

To dress-up the look just a little bit, ignoring the top button, simply button the shirt up.


Joggers can be paired with jackets, blazers, sweaters, etc. For a vibrant look, stick to brighter colors. If you're grabbing a drink and want to feel a little more dressed up, stick to neutral colors or darker tones. You can even get away with the casual but crisp look of a denim jacket.

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May 17, 2021 — Matt Kwon