Popular Types Of Graphic Tees And How To Wear Them

Within your wardrobe, one of the most underrated assets are graphic tees. Even when hidden underneath warm layers once the hot weather passes, the staple graphic T-shirt is a must. Though up to the individual, whether you keep your look plain or complicated, T-shirts are an essential focal point of the streetwear culture.

To add just a bit of flavor to your outfit, there are lots of ways to play with the minimalist look of a neat, print shirt. It doesn't have to be overpowering or loud just because it's printed. On the other hand, a lively colored graphic tee can make a definite statement where your individual style is concerned.

Here are some T-shirt styles and ways in which they can be worn.

Reverse Print

Though easily overlooked, a sartorial gem where this fashion is concerned is the reverse print graphic T-shirt. For graphic minimalist lovers, it's a great starting point. It's all party in the back, but business upfront. In fact, the plain front will help coordinate your outfit. Try not to cover the print on the back, however, with your pairings.

If you really need to wear a jacket, make the outer layer a dark color with a boldly hued tee underneath. You may choose to wear a long sleeve shirt under your tee rather than covering it with a jacket. Remember, layering is not only welcome, it is preferred.

All-Over Print

It is thought that smaller graphics are better when maxing out on T-shirt prints. You're not trying to give your dad and his garish holiday shirt a run for their money! If you're horribly adventurous, think tie-dye, camo, and geometrics.

Work your T-shirt under a bomber jacket or smart Oxford shirt. Pair it with smart below-the-belt tapered trousers. To your otherwise neat outfit, a touch of character will be added by your graphic tee.

Band T-Shirt

Serious style cachet is possessed these days by T-shirts formally worn by some of music's most passionate disciples. New designs are mixed with retro merchandise were the biggest fans of this trend are concerned.

Choose an oversized fit and mix your tee with monochrome tones. Ripped or skinny jeans – distressed if you like – complete the outfit.

Bootleg T-Shirt

These nostalgia-tinged, fun throwbacks transform you into a walking meme. In 2017's General Election, one shirt that dominated Instagram feeds was the infamous Corbin Nike tee.

Pair this T-shirt with a classic pair of kicks and some technical joggers.

Logo T-Shirt

In today's streetwear fashion, inspiration from the 90s is omnipresent. The logo tee is a perfect example. Recently, high fashion designers have adopted some of the most favored streetwear brands. Old emblems and icons have been raided from the archive; and, for all the world to see, accentuate “bold and big”. Think Gucci labels, Kenzo’s "Dragon Tiger", etc. over something with mundane typography. Keep things minimal and neat elsewhere to let the brand do the talking. For the ultimate in a casual, smart upgrade, pair your tee with a neat blazer to really let it pop and shine.

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March 05, 2021 — Diane Im