Reasons For The Baseball Cap's Popularity

Sure, you'll see just about anyone and everyone sporting a baseball cap today. Go to the park, an athletic event, to the store, or just step outside your front door. Men and women from every walk of life are wearing baseball caps. If you're into streetwear, what you wear on your head can make all the difference.

In fact, to meet the desires of consumers all over the world, an embarkation on baseball cap designs has been undertaken by any number of big-name designers and brands.

There's a reason that baseball caps enjoy the popularity they do. Let's explore this iconic piece of headwear and why it enjoys such a high level of regard among men, women, young, and old.

But first – let's quickly mention the types of hats worn to top off your streetwear look.

 Streetwear Headwear

There are three styles of headwear you will see supported by streetwear enthusiasts. These are as follows:

As you can tell from the title of this piece, we're going to focus solely on the baseball cap today.

The Popularity of Baseball Caps

Whether you're simply an observer or a huge fashion fan, you may have noticed that baseball caps are here to stay. Their astounding success has many factors upon which it is based. Let's explore a few of those:

  • It keeps on coming back. Baseball caps were huge decades ago, and never really went away. They have enjoyed surges in popularity through the years. In streetwear fashion, today, they are an indispensable article of clothing.
  • So many models, so little time. Between all of the brands/designers and actual types of baseball caps, there's a never-ending supply. You don't have to wear the same style or hat two days in a row. Unless you want to.
  • Your hat goes with anything and everything. Whether you're going for casual, sporty, semi-casual, or (in some cases) dressy, a baseball cap is probably going to go with the rest of your outfit. It all depends on what you pair it with, the precise look you will achieve.
  • Most everybody can wear one. Suitable for almost any body type, the baseball cap can be worn by any gender, any age, any complexion, etc.
  • It's fun to accessorize. Bracelets, watches, scarves, shoes, you name it, are all accessories with which you can have a lot of fun and add a pop of color. But, the right baseball cap, in the right color and style, can top off an outfit like nothing else can.

How to Choose?

Okay, with so many hats to pick from, how do you choose the right one? According to your desires, and to your dress style, choose the color that you think goes best.

What's the wildest pattern you can pick? Probably zebra print. Which, right this minute, is crazy trendy! Some people prefer sparkling green or fuchsia pink. They like to be flashy. Others would rather go with a very soft, pastel look, like yellow or pale pink.

Additionally, you'll need to decide whether you want to go with a print, a logo, catchy phrase, cartoon character, or a plain hat. (Hint: plain hats go better with more formal outfits.)

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March 05, 2021 — Diane Im