Denim style

Some style purists believe – no matter how mistakenly – that the only kind of denim worth investing in for longevity and versatility is unsullied denim. To an extent, they may be right, but let's face it: streetwear denim trends for men – and denim itself – has transformed, morphed, altered, and more, through the decades. Since the 1873 patenting of the rivet by salesman Levi Strauss, and the efforts of tailor Jacob W. Davis, the fabric referred to as denim has changed immensely and come into its own.

Designers are constantly experimenting with denim blue jeans, the 20th century's most iconic garment. Whereas you may not want to see some blue jean styles return, for the months ahead, you may want to start paying attention to some of the old trends that are returning, new trends in development, and trends already being worn.

Doubling Down

This takes a bit of finesse to pull off, and if it goes wrong, look out! But as tricky as this trend can be, there is a massive payoff when you get it right. Double denim, in the world of menswear, is equal to Beef Wellington or a handstand press up. It can only be done perfectly by the best of the best.

Fortunately, double denim has never been hotter. For a sophisticated approach, combine straight cut, dark jeans with a matching blue denim jacket. For a more casual look, take a blue denim shirt and combine it with contrasting black skinny jeans.

The trick: There should be a visible difference between the denims. If you must wear the same denims, break things up with a gray sweatshirt or a white tee.

White Denim

A feeling of trepidation overtakes many men when they think of white denim – especially if sitting on the grass or barbecuing is in the picture. But here's the thing guys – if you have been concentrating on a tan, you can offer fewer dramatic contrasts than white denim.

Ask designers at the Gap and Babour… With loads of other pieces, white denim goes perfectly.

The trick: Don't go too wide or too skinny. With the rest of your ensemble, stay classic and simple.

Back to the 90s

If you've looked around, even a little, you may have noticed a lot of the styles from the 90s returning. Denim is no exception. Across a range of fits, classic gray wash jeans are making a comeback.

The trick: These 90s jeans feel comfortable with color block staples like hoodies and sweatshirts. To add some bottom half visual weight, throw in dark shoes.

Dad Denim

Time to break out your dad hat if you're going to wear this style. This is one type of denim that many never saw coming! However, this trend isn't for everyone. Here's the best definition we've found of dad denim: Think of that slightly faded, loose pair of jeans your father wore when he was outside trimming the hedges. You've gone too far, however, if you start envisioning Simon Cowell – go back! Go back!

The trick: You're doing it right if it looks basic and relaxed.


En masse, turn up jeans are being returned to by best-dressed menswear labels. So, it's time to dump your pin rolled jeans.

The trick: Your jeans are more likely to retain folds if you use rigid denim. Try this look with work boots or sneakers and a pair of indigo selvedge jeans.

The Distressed Look

Good news for some, not so much for others, is that distressed jeans have no sign of going out of style. But here's the thing… If not treated correctly, they can make the wearer look like someone with not enough taste and too much money! Just because these types of jeans come in all forms of raw edged, bleached, and ripped styles, that doesn't mean you have to exhibit every option at one time!

The trick: If there are more holes than jeans, unless you’re Steven Tyler, don't wear them. With that said, keep the rest of your ensemble balanced and simple with top pieces that are smart and casual.

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May 17, 2021 — Matt Kwon