Streetwear Styles Around The World

Described by the culture it forms and the subcultures that helped form it, streetwear is a distinct fashion look. Streetwear's origin is unsure. Multiple subcultures merged and clashed creating a style and universal culture currently enjoyed by people from numerous walks of life. Through the years, it has evolved several times. The hype behind streetwear has been, and still is, promoted by everyone from upper-class adults to lower middle-class children. All over the world, streetwear styles may differ slightly, but they continue to share basics in common.

Skater cliques of the 90s back to grunge fans helped influence the hip-hop heads and hypebeasts of today.

Brands Included in Streetwear

Many brands have a place in the streetwear culture. You can stand out from the average guy or gal on the street with names such as Tommy Hilfiger (the older stuff), Champion, Nike, and Adidas. Of course, if you can afford it, don't pass up a chance to wear something by Gucci, YSL, Anti Social Social Club, Mastermind, Bape, and/or Supreme.

Up-and-coming are brands such as Gnarcotic and MNML.

 Let's take a look at the types of streetwear most often encountered in a couple of significant areas.

Asian Streetwear

This is a broad area and will really depend on what part of Asia we are talking about. However, several influencers figure into Asian streetwear: Traditional Asian styles, K Pop, and vintage American culture. Brands you'll see here: Mastermind, Comme De Garcons, Bape, and some Asian origin brands. On occasion, Adidas and Supreme come into play. An extremely vibrant and progressive street style is common in Korea, while the look is more reserved and conservative where Japan streetwear is concerned.

European/American Streetwear

Certain trends are usually ridden (and borrowed/stolen from) where Western streetwear enthusiasts are concerned. In terms of fashion, major cultural icons and rappers set the bar. It's not uncommon to see people dressed like Travis Scott, Kanye West, etc.

Looks you will frequently notice are Babe, Adidas, Nike, or Jordan sneakers, loose fitting tees (plain or print), distressed denim (sometimes tapered), and more. To accompany the look, popular logos are often seen. When a brand or logo comes into play, however, it's best to stick with one brand for the entire look. If you can't wear multiple articles of clothing with the brand name or logo on them, pick one and style the rest of your outfit with casual wear, work clothes, or athleisure.

Which brings us to another streetwear look…


This is exactly what it sounds like. Casually worn, comfortable athletic wear. In the West, it is extremely prevalent. Think sneakers, hoodies, tapered sweatpants, joggers, and other athletic accessories to accentuate the comfort and style of athleisure. In a sense, it may even resemble pajamas. Though you can do it without, layering is prevalent here.

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March 05, 2021 — Matt Kwon