Streetwear Trends for Men

One of the most ubiquitous fashions in existence, streetwear is enjoying quite the popularity. From skaters – who, though they pride themselves on being oblivious to fashion, are some of the biggest promoters of streetwear – to the fashionistas who must always be the first to wear what's hot, it seems everyone's doing it… or wearing it.

Right now, streetwear for men is nothing short of a phenomenon. Don't believe us? Ask the beautiful people living in the lap of luxury. Swapping tradition for ultra-stylized titans, like Louis Vuitton and Burberry, even they are onboard.

With the right streetwear in your lineup, you can inject a definite level of swag (even if you don't tear up half pipes all day).

This coming season, you’ll be able to kick your streetwear game up a notch with the following expert-approved clothing trends. Think waterproof sneakers, various textures, oversized fits, and layering.


For the streetwear set this season, translucence is all the rage. Now absolutely essential, translucent materials used to be practically laughable. Now, your carefully curated brand lineup can be shown off in all its glory. With a neon pair of socks, translucent trainers go well. Show off your own personal touch underneath while incorporating translucency with the rest of your look.

Graphic Knitwear

One wouldn't think that the two would go hand in hand – streetwear and knitwear. Yet, here they are. Heavy pullovers featuring intricate graphic designs and punchy, retro logos are starting to be seen just about everywhere. Getting into the action now are Balenciaga, Raf Simmons, and Off-White.

Trail-Running Gear

Gear championed by trail-running shoes, and the shoes themselves, have been talked about for years. Here's the thing – they're still hot. In fact, they’re hotter than ever. It's fairly simple to incorporate fitness gear into a functional wardrobe, provided wraparound shades and hydration vests are given a wide berth! You'll find a good all-day sneaker with Hoka One One or Salomon.

Baggie Cuts

Alert! Skinny fit is totally last decade! We have now jumped into unfettered, pure bagginess. This has never been clearer than with streetwear fashions. Here you will find an influence of both American and Japanese fashion, as well as old-fashioned cues from 90s skaters. Oversized garments, wide-legged trousers, and boxy tees are here to stay.


Your dad's probably been wearing these for years! But today's fashions aren't plundering the millennium. Rather, the murky depths of the 70s is being refreshed and revitalized in streetwear.

You know that sketchy best friend your dad has shown you pictures of and talks about from his youth? Think that look. Picture fur-lined and suede garments by Vans and Stone Island (by independent menswear producer Aphrodite). As important as your fresh pair of AF1s is, textiles are becoming equally as essential.

Sneakers – The Over-Engineered Kind

Maximalism is still acceptable, and very much en vogue, even though platform-esque, bulky silhouettes on sneakers may be dead in the water. Today's ultimate outfit accentuation – the statement sneaker.

Outdoor Performance Gear

Something is held in common by all streetwear trailblazers: Head to toe, they’re decked out in outdoor performance gear. It's been slow to build, the fascination with this type of streetwear, but now it's beginning to really excel. Today, you can wear a big coat with a pair of shorts and be all the rage.

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May 06, 2021 — Matt Kwon