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How to become an AAO Ambassador

1) Have a public Instagram account with over 2,000 followers

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Review our Terms and Conditions >>

AAO Ambassadors

Terms and Conditions

Please read these Terms and Conditions prior to submitting your application.

As an AAO Ambassador, I understand and agree to the following:

1. By completing and sending in an application to become an AAO Ambassador, I have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions set forth.

2. I am 18 years of age or older.

3. I reside in the United States.

4. I am authorized to work in the United States.

5. I have an active and public Instagram account with over 2,000 followers.

6. I am allowing Against All Odds to repost pictures from my Instagram account onto any platform of Against All Odds’.

7. I will adhere to the rules of an AAO Ambassador.

a. In your biography section on Instagram, tag us @aao_usa and include your personal code for your followers (ex. BOB15).

b. I will post at least once a week advertising my code for Against All Odds.

8. I understand that I can contact Against All Odds if I have any questions and I understand that Against All Odds can contact me as well if need be.

9. I have a PayPal account.

10. I understand that I will be receiving 10% commission of all the sales I make before taxes and shipping via PayPal. 15% of commission will be reserved due to return

11. In the case of any returns made of sales using my personal code, I understand that the returned amount will be deducted from the final amount of commission I will receive.

(15% of commission will be reserved due to return)

12. If orders are made without using my personal code, the orders will not be recognized to my sales.

13. My commission will be sent to me after every $50 I make.

14. I will not sell Against All Odds merchandise on my own.

15. I will promote merchandise from Against All Odds and my personal code on my Instagram account with appropriate posts, and if I am ever in need of a clarification on an appropriate post, I will contact Against All Odds.

16. I will post content that does not endanger myself or others or are offensive to anyone in regards to race, religion, sex, gender, and more.

17. I understand that I am a clear representative of Against All Odds, so I will do my very best to express my passion for Against All Odds, all while being the best ambassador I can be. I will conduct myself in a manner that reflects Against All Odds at a high standard.

18. I understand that Against All Odds reserves the right to cancel this agreement at any time.

19. If I want to remove myself from the AAO Ambassador program, I will contact Against All Odds before I do so.

20. I understand that Against All Odds can terminate the AAO Ambassador Program at any time, and if they do, I understand that I will receive the commission made prior to the termination, but my personal code will no longer work and I will not be affiliated with Against All Odds any longer.  

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